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June 12, 2015
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February 8, 2017
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Meet The New Members of Our Team

Seisquare is pleased to announce that it has increased its global presence with new local business development and support representatives for USA, Canada and EMEA!

kevinKevin Brady (Based in Houston)

Kevin is a business development and marketing consultant. Kevin leverages his over 25 years of practical oil and gas experience to help oil and gas service companies and software providers accelerate their growth and market acceptance.

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ShaneShane Knustvig (Based in Calgary)

With a background in software development for oil and gas technology companies, Shane brings a unique understanding of the business and market development challenges facing software providers to the E&P industry.

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MortenMorten Vinther (Based in Copenhagen)

Morten has a master’s degree in geophysics, coupled with over 15 years’ experience in drilling, exploration and technology development.

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