Build confidence in 2D time interpretation maps through SQA&SDC

During this 30 min webinar Seisquare's team will show & explain:
  • HOW TO BUILD CONFIDENCE in your 2D time interpretation maps;
  • THE THEORY LAYING BEHIND SPATIAL VELOCITY CONDITIONING , focusing on time filtering & ensure you in its necessity;
  • A REAL CASE STUDY with a clear before/after picture;
After this webinar,  you will learn how to
  • SAVE MONTHS – by drastically reducing your turnaround time through accurate estimations;
  • SAVE MILLIONS – by characterizing & improving uncertainty on your 2D time interpretation maps leading to better drilling decision-makings.
This webinar is addressed to Geosciences teams in the Oil &Gas industry (Geophysicists , Geoscientists, Subsurface Modelers, Exploration Specialist, Head of Exploration) Save Months & Millions in E&P decision-makings using Seisquare solutions.

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