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Addressing Complex Geology


THE UDOMORE stochastic workflow for reservoir structure produces structural models and associated geometry and volumetrics estimations with maximum accuracy, confidence and speed, even in areas with complex geology.


In areas with complex geology, direct interpretation of reservoir targets is tricky, sometimes impossible, and must be derived from existing seismic interpretations. As a result, it is difficult to build reliable structural models, and existing models sometimes cannot be reconciled with new well or seismic data as it is made available. This is especially true in sub-salt environments, or areas with thin and erosional layers, and/or multi-stacked reservoirs with sealing/non-sealing fault cases.


Strong uncertainties attached to interpretations must be properly addressed in order to derive structural models that are consistent, even in areas with complex geology. Using our Stochastic Geophysical Modeling (SGM) technology, you are able to scan all sources of uncertainty on your interpretations and integrate them into a unique probabilistic structural model. Our algorithms deliver consistent volumetrics predictions for multiple reservoir target definitions that honor existing well control data and reconcile with new well or seismic data as it becomes available.


The UDOMORE stochastic workflow for reservoir structure seamlessly integrates multiple reservoir target definitions and consistently handles the uncertainties attached to complex geological environments. This workflow has been successfully applied in various operational contexts, including thin and erosional layers (with pinch outs), and multi-stacked reservoirs. It quickly delivers structural models and volumetrics computations you are able to reconcile with new available data. This, in turn, supports confident E&P decisions like implementing a new well, and defining a production strategy.

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UDOMORE stochastic workflow for reservoir structure


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